Child Care Abuse and Molestation Insurance

Child Care Abuse and Molestation Insurance

Why should Abuse and Molestation be in my Child care Insurance package?

 Abuse and Molestation coverage is essential as while you may never harm a child, you never know what a staff member will do when your not around. The world is very litigious, anyone can sue for anything. If you are not covered for Abuse and Molestation the insurance company may not even defend when a claim happens. Any accident, although unintentional, can give you a big exposure and if found guilty you could even be personally responsible.

 You need to make sure you are covered for Abuse and Molestation coverage as any claim could be very costly without it.

   This coverage doesn't cover you if Criminal Charges are pressed against a staff member. However, if the allegations were false and Criminal charges were filed and an attorney was hired "Certain Criminal & Defense Costs Coverage" would reimburse all attorney fees.

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