Child Care Auto Insurance

Child Care Auto Insurance

Why should Auto Insurance be in my Child Care Insurance package?

 Auto Insurance would cover: the liability (which is bodily injury or property damage), Medical, Uninsured Motorists, and Physical Damage (to the vehicle listed). Typically a Child Care facility would have this coverage for vehicles which transport children.

Another auto coverage you should include in your Child Care Insurance Package is Hired and Non Owned auto. This is auto liability coverage which would cover an employees vehicle if they use it on company business.

Child Care Auto Insurance Basics

 If your business transports children in your vehicle, you need child care auto insurance. We provide insurance for most types of child care businesses. We offer a full range of child care auto insurance coverage's. We offer many insurance discounts as well as carriers with outstanding commercial vehicle claims services.

 Liability Insurance - This coverage is made up of two parts: Bodily Injury coverage and Property Damage coverage. The Liability insurance coverage is the most basic auto insurance coverage that covers injuries and/or damage to other people and/or property when you are at fault.

If you caused an accident that injured or killed another person, the Bodily Injury part of your Liability insurance would pay for the expenses. Bodily Injury would cover hospital/medical bills, rehabilitation, long-term nursing care, funeral expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, as well as many other expenses, up to the limits you are insured for.

If you caused an accident that damaged another person's property, the Property Damage part of your Liability coverage would pay for the expenses. Property Damage covers the expense to repair and/or replace damaged items this includes vehicles, buildings, etc. This insurance also pay's for legal defense costs if a lawsuit is brought against you as a result of the accident.

 Medical Payments - Medical Payments pays medical expenses for you and any passengers in your vehicle who are injured during an accident. This coverage protects you and your passengers regardless of who caused the accident.

 Uninsured Motorist Insurance - Uninsured Motorist insurance protects you if you're in an accident with someone who doesn't have Liability insurance or does not have enough insurance to pay for all of your damages.

  •  Physical Damage Coverage - Physical Damage is a term for a collection of insurance coverage’s that cover your auto. This includes Collision insurance, as well as Comprehensive insurance. Collision Insurance covers you if your vehicle is damaged in an accident. The Collision Insurance would pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it Collides with another object or overturns or rolls. Comprehensive insurance covers your vehicle if it's damaged by something other than a collision or if your vehicle is stolen.

 Non-Owned Vehicle Liability Insurance or Hired Auto Insurance - There are many ways to provide Auto Liability insurance coverage for non-owned vehicles. This coverage most commonly referred to as Hired Auto insurance and Non-Owned Auto insurance.  While certain non-owned vehicles are generally covered by a commercial auto policy. For example, if your vehicle was being repaired due to a breakdown, a temporary vehicle is covered in most circumstances. Otherwise, purchasing these coverage’s would cover your for a non owned or hired vehicle. Non-Owned Auto Insurance provides liability coverage when an employee occasionally drives their own vehicle for business purposes. The vehicle cant be owned, registered or contracted in by the business. Hired Auto Insurance provides liability coverage when you drive a vehicle that you or the business don’t own. If you rented a auto for a less than 30 days, Hired Auto insurance will cover the rented auto.

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