John Dziak

  Child Care Insurance John Dziak grew up in the insurance industry. As AIP is a family  owned business John grew up working in the insurance office, doing everything from filing to auto insurance.

Before he was 20 he decided to move to Los Angeles; he spent the next 10 years working in the Entertainment Business, both in film and television. Day Care Insurance

 He later started back into insurance and has since worked writing insurance in multiple states. Giving excellent service, top notch support, and giving his knowledge to help protect his clients if what he strives for. Make sure you get a insurance quote on your Child Care facility today. 

 John has a full backup team of other insurance agents that help him find his insured's the best coverage as well as making sure each client is treated as anyone would want to be treated. We know your business is very important and want to give you the service and respect you deserve. We greatly respect when you put your trust in us. 

Contact information

 Phone: 800-765-8272 

  Fax: 505-268-9631





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