Child Care Liability Insurance

Child Care Liability Insurance

Why should Liability Insurance be in my Daycare Insurance package?

 Liability Insurance is the main coverage needed in any daycare insurance program. This coverage protects the daycare from any bodily injury or property damage claim that would arise out of any accident that would have happened due to the daycares negligence or cause. Liability insurance is very important as it covers medical coverage without fault up to a certain amount, Liability limits that should cover the daycare in the event of a loss, and fire damage to a leased space. Make sure your daycare insurance package covers Liability insurance.

 With an Optional Child Care Umbrella Policy, we can increase the child care liability limits as well as the Workers Comp and the Auto Insurance limits.  

The following is covered as well, as well as many more options.

Corporal Punishment Liability: Protects you and your Child Care center against allegations of corporal punishment to the children in your care - “Corporal Punishment” is physical abuse. Our Carriers coverage is not limited to a single type of abuse. Some carriers only consider physical abuse. We are a bit more comprehensive in that we are a viable market for sexual abuse coverage, as well as physical abuse.

Child Abduction Liability: It pays covered expenses the school  and the child's parents incur to recover the child up to the covered limits of the policy.

No Premises Limitation: Protects you from liability during field trips, fund-raisers, and other special events. With no premises limitation your covered for trips off premises.

Volunteers as AI’s: Automatically covered under your Liability policy.

Communicable Disease and Food Contamination: This is covered under the liability policy up to the policy limits.

Medical Expenses: Most policies typically exclude the children themselves. Make sure you read your child care liability insurance policy to make sure your kids are covered.

See our Checklist on this.

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